The society was started in the campus on October 9th 2012 and officially recognized by the IAS on November 9th 2012. This report covers the various activities organized by the chapter in the year 2013. Currently the chapter is having 15 student members and is still counting. There are also 4 regular IAS members from this campus. By election the following students are elected as:

  1. Mr.Visal Raveendran (Chairman)
  2. Ms.Preethy V Warrier (Co-Chairman)
  3. Ms. Ruby Raj (General Secretary)
  4. Ms. Seena Mathew (Treasurer)
  5. Mr.Aneesh Rajeev (Webmaster)
  6. Mr.Athul M.V (Newsletter Editor)
  7. Mr.Akash.G.Pillai (Membership Development Co-Ordinator)
  8. Mr.Kiranlal E.U
  9. Mr.Sambhu Suresh
  10. Ms.Reshma R Nair
  11. Ms.Neethu Mahashwari
  12. Ms.Anupama
  13. Ms.Remya Ravi
  14. Mr.David G Philip

The regular members are:-

  1. Mr.Srikanth V,Asst Prof.
  2. Mr.Sreejith Kailas T, Asst. Prof
  3. Mr.Anudev J, Asst. Prof
  4. Ms.Sreelakshmi , Asst. Prof

The chapter hosts a regularly updated website with URL: http:// ias.amrita.ac.in/. Chapter Newsletter is also issued Bi-year. We are bestowed with the publication of society newsletter in IEEE Kerala Section Newsletter, JAN 2013 Issue.